Nothin But Neck In Action

Nothin But Neck is a light yet durable breakaway hondo. It’s easy to assemble with just two quick steps. All you need is a pair of scissors and a screw driver.

One evening, founder and inventor, Jerry Corman and his son, Brock, had to stop time after time while roping to fix a broken hondo. Jerry decided to make his own lightweight, sturdy hondo with a consistent feel that is guaranteed to last.

Nothin’ But Neck is endorsed by Lari Dee Guy, WPRA World Champion, Wildfire Champion, Spicer Gripp Champion and USTRC Champion. She says “Nothin But Neck is only breakaway hondo that has a consistent feel. It does NOT change the weight or alter your rope. It will outlast any breakway that you have ever used.”

Watch Nothin But Neck in action as Jerry's boys and nephew use it on all skills of roping and see Jerry install the hondo in two quick steps.