Meeting Up with Tyler Magnus in Amarillo, Texas

Most people think a breakaway hondo is specifically used for breakaway roping but little do they know it can be used in all aspects of roping.
Nothin but Neck is light and quick along a rope but still offers the feel of a realistic tip. It can be beneficial if you or your child are just learning to rope and dally it will help by popping off the horns without the risk of losing any fingers. Or if you are learning to heel and just need practice in setting a trap and getting the feel, once again Nothin But Neck can be used in both ends of team roping.
So there you have it. Nothin But Neck Breakaway Hondos are helpful whether it be breakaway roping, team roping or simply steer stopping.
Take a look at what Tyler Magnus, endorsed by Nothin But Horns and known as one of the world's best horsemen, has to say about Nothin But Neck.