Nothin But Neck Roping Breakaways and Lari Dee Guy Promote Rope Like A Girl

When you hear “like a girl”, you automatically undermine the meaning, right? Like a girl has been used in ways to make people look foolish, feminine and weak but not any more.

WPRA World Champion, Lari Dee Guy, endorsed by Nothin But Neck, has changed the meaning of “like a girl” with a campaign that uplifts and gives the meaning “like a girl” power. The Rope Like A Girl campaign has not only given ladies of the rodeo circuit respect and power, but it has also touched people outside of the rodeo world. The meaning behind it all simply states that women and girls are just as tough and athletic as men. Rope Like A Girl isn’t just for rodeo, it’s for all athletic ladies in any sport. So next time you hear “like a girl”, expect some tough competition.

Nothin But Neck is proud to carry Lari Dee Guy’s Rope Like A Girl breakaway hondo. The hondo itself only comes in turquoise and the packaged background is pink. Contact any of our vendors and get your Nothin But Neck Rope Like A Girl hondo today!