Behind the Scenes of Who Packages & Assembles the NBN Breakaways

When we first started building our breakaways, it was a family affair. We had boxes laying all over the house and our family would set around constructing each breakaway and then package them individually.

As sales grew, we knew we had to find someone to help us with this. Fortunately for us there is a business in Amarillo, about 10 miles from our house, called Advo Companies. Advo is a company that helps special needs individuals by providing vocational help & training, educational programs, and residential opportunities. (please click "read more" below to cont.)

We approached Carla Hughes, the founder of Advo and a friend of our family, to see if she could have her clients build and package these for us. We simply showed them what we needed done and they immediately went into action. They built the "jigs" to hold the product as they were put together and then developed the system - it's a well oiled machine!

A few days ago, we were hosting a Lari Dee Guy roping school in Amarillo and thought this would be a perfect time to introduce Lari Dee and Hope Thompson to the wonderful crew that builds our product. We are also working on a video to show you the story of how they build our products.

A big thanks to Carla Hughes and Advo Companies for being such wonderful business partners to NothinButNeck! Please check this amazing company out at .

The Corman Family